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The number of penalty tickets issued to drivers parking on private land has increased by more than a million in the last year, according to new research.

RAC Foundation analysis of DVLA data found that in the last financial year (2018-19) 6.8 million sets of vehicle keeper records were released to car parking management companies.

The 6.8 million figure is 20% higher than the 5.65 million sets of records released to parking firms in the previous financial year and in the last 13 years more than 33 million vehicle keeper records have been obtained by parking firms from the DVLA, more than half of them in the past three years.


Clamping on private land was banned in 2012 by the Protection of Freedoms Act, however, the act also allowed for private parking companies to contact the registered keepers of vehicles rather than having to prove who the driver was at the time of the ’offence’.

Steve Gooding, director of the RAC Foundation, said: “These staggeringly high numbers stand as a vindication of the urgent need for a single, tighter code of practice, a single, consistent appeals body, and strict audit of parking companies’ compliance. Businesses who employ private companies to manage their car parks should be taking a close look at how they are operating, the implications for the drivers who will often be their own customers and, ultimately, what that means for their own reputation.”

He added: “We have never advocated a parking free-for-all, but for a system that is clear, transparent and fair for drivers and landowners alike.”