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Volvo’s new high-performance brand, Polestar, will abandon traditional dealer network structures when its first cars reach the market in 2019. Its cars will be ordered online through a subscription service. 

Polestar’s scheme is, in effect, leasing with extra features, and the company will offer subscriptions over two or three years. One monthly fee will cover the car itself, collect-and-deliver servicing, and will give the option to rent alternative vehicles within Polestar and Volvo ranges.

Although cars will be configured and ordered online, there will be a network of ‘Polestar Spaces’ where potential customers can view the cars. However, these will be entirely separate from the existing Volvo dealer network.

The 600hp Polestar 1 hybrid (pictured) will be the company’s first model. It will be joined by a pure EV, the Polestar 2, to rival the Tesla Model 3, later in 2019. Soon afterwards the brand will launch Polestar 3, a larger SUV to take on the Tesla Model X.