RAC roadside cover holders and those with Black Box car insurance policies with the motoring organisation are automatically being given access to the firm’s ‘connected’ breakdown service, the company has announced.

The service remotely transmits information from the vehicle to the RAC, which the company said allows faults to be identified and fixed at the earliest possible opportunity.

As soon as a fault code is produced it is sent to the RAC, which then carries out analysis on the problem, with it being assigned a fault severity.

RAC insurance

If the fault is deemed to have safety implications or lead to larger issues, an RAC agent will contact policyholders to inform them of the issue and what action needs to be taken, which can range from the RAC sending out a breakdown vehicle or providing more information so the customer can take the vehicle to a garage.

“Black box car insurance policies are making a massive difference to the behaviour of young drivers by helping to improve the way they drive. And, as they prove they are safe drivers, this also then helps to reduce the amount they pay for their insurance,” said RAC Insurance managing director Mark Godfrey. “By being the first to include connected breakdown technology in an insurance policy we believe we are not only strengthening an already strong product, we are helping to reduce the cost and stress of motoring for our policyholders. Knowing the RAC has early warning of any major fault that might occur to their vehicles is the kind of reassurance every motorist would want.”

He added: “Providing this insight helps to demystify the vehicle diagnostic process, making it easier to keep vehicles in good working order. In addition, the service can save policyholders money as some garages charge in excess of £65 to run a diagnostic check.”

Further details on connected breakdown can be found on the RAC website HERE