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A huge boost in the official range figure of the revised MG ZS electric vehicle has given the brand the chance to get the car on to more fleet choice lists, according to MG head of fleet Geraint Isaac. 

“A lot of big fleets say more than 250 miles of range, so this puts us on the radar of so many different types of people,” he told Company Car Today. “Because of the price, with a lot of organisations, it sits in the middle-management level where there are more people.”

Geraint Isaac MG fleet boss 2021The previous ZS had an official range of 163 miles, but the revised version gets two new battery options of 198 or 273 miles, with the long-range version well over the 250 miles Isaac (pictured) said many fleets are now setting as a minimum level. 

The ZS joins the MG 5 electric estate car and HS plug-in hybrid SUV in a three-pronged fleet-relevant line-up, and the company’s fleet boss said the brand has already achieved its leasing and contract hire aspirations for 2021. “We’re building strong relationships with the top 10 leasing companies, they are coming to us and asking about our products,” he said, adding that the brand is enjoying strong growth in public sector as well as leasing and contract hire. 

MG claimed to be the largest-growing manufacturer in the UK “by some distance” this year, with a 56.8% increase in sales propelling it well inside the top-20 manufacturers for sales, ahead of more recognised brands such as Mazda and Honda.  

This year, MG’s sales volume passed its 2017 full year sales by March, 2018 by May, 2019 by June and 2020’s full year total was surpassed at the beginning of September. That’s fuelled by the electric models, with only all-electric brands Tesla, Polestar and Smart selling a higher percentage of zero-emission vehicles than the Chinese-owned company. 

The growth will continue in the short-term, according to Isaac, with the target of getting to around 60,000 units. “Realistically, we know as a manufacturer that anything above 60,000 cars becomes less profitable because you have to buy business,” he said. “We have aspirations of growth over the next three or four years, and it will taper off after that.

“It’s an aspiration of ours to be considered as a serious player in the industry,” he continued. “We have got the brand identity but the products and what we offer are very different to the MG brand of old.”

The MG 5 will get a revision next year, with the ZS’s much-improved touchscreen infotainment and related connectivity being added to the electric estate model, along with a facelift.


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