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Devised and produced by an award-winning team, Company Car Today magazine offers readers an unrivalled spotlight on the latest product developments in the UK fleet industry at a time of unrivalled pace of development in terms of quality, efficiency, technology, safety and equipment.

CCT is uniquely placed to offer in-depth analysis of new models, their core strengths, where they fit into the vitally important company car sector and why they should be on fleet choice lists. It includes the six-page Big Test, where every issue we delve deeper into how well a new vehicle meets the needs of the fleet sector in what is the most in-depth examination in the sector.

But it’s not just about the new metal. Through news, features and in-depth statistical and expert analysis, Company Car Today also provides vital operational information across the wide-ranging topics with which busy fleet decision makers need to be fully conversant.

Every issue also contains the Green Company Car section, containing inciteful features examining different areas of a fleet’s environmental performance and impact, as well as guest opinion and manufacturer focus pieces.

Addressing specific issues and solving problems being experienced by readers, Company Car Today offers advice from experts within the industry in order to make sure fleets are more cost-effective, safer, and more efficiently operated.

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Are you also responsible for Light Commercial Vehicles (LCVs)?

Company Van Today 05 April 2017 front cover image

Company Van Today is the sister title to Company Car Today.  Published quarterly, Company Van Today apes the philosophy of its company car sibling, offering those who operate light commercial vehicle fleets advice encompassing the specification, procurement, operation and disposal of their light commercial vehicles.

Both magazines are free for fleet decision makers and lcv operators so what are you waiting for…your very-own fortnightly copy of Company Car Today and Company Van Today are only a couple of clicks away!

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