Start-up electric vehicle charging company Urban Electric Networks has revealed its first product, the Ueone retractable charger.

Claimed to be a world-first, unlike other electric vehicle charging points, the Ueone retracts underground when it is not in use, with the company claiming it minimises clutter on streets and will help make EVs more attainable for those who live in flats.

It is not yet commercially available and prices are yet to be announced as the firm is undertaking a trial in conjunction with Oxford City Council by installing 20 units in one street to test the charger in an every-day environment first.

Urban-Electric UEone

However, co-founder of Urban Electric Networks, Keith Johnston, told Company Car Today he is hopeful of a commercial roll-out by the end of the year or early next year, adding the company is in the process of being added onto the list of approved suppliers for the Government-funded Workplace Charging Scheme and Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme.

Johnston added the commercial roll-out date is dependent on the success of the trial, as tweaks may need to be made to the design of the unit before being made available publicly, whil he told CCT the 5.8kW unit can retract and pop-up “within seconds” and can be controlled via a smartphone app.

“The most convenient, affordable and climate-friendly way to charge an EV from the grid is at home at night, yet up to 85% of households in some urban residential areas cannot do so because they park on-street, acting as a barrier to EV adoption,” said Urban Electric Networks co-founder Olivier Freeling-Wilkinson.“By installing an over-supply of pop-up charge points in a street from day one we will give certainty of access to a home-based charge point in residential parking zones, so that local authorities can enable the 11.6m UK households currently excluded from driving zero emission to make the switch.”