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Revised Range Rover Velar adds to JLR’s PHEV portfolio

A refreshed Range Rover Velar range will include a new sub-50g/km plug-in hybrid model and a range of mild hybrid petrol and diesel engines, completing the electrification of the entire Range Rover line-up.

The P400e model arrives in early 2021, offering a range figure of up to 33 miles on the battery alone from the 404hp powertrain that will take the Velar large SUV from 0-62mph in 5.4 seconds.

The hybrid system has EV, Hybrid and Save modes, and the Remote App allows the driver to pre-set the climate control, as well as showing vehicle charge status and local charging stations, and, on all Velars, lock or unlock the vehicle remotely.

Range Rover Velar 2020“The New Range Rover Velar P400e delivers signature Range Rover refinement. It’s smooth and enjoyable to drive, while delivering the same power as a 3-litre petrol engine with more torque and better fuel consumption,” said Colin Kirkpatrick, Chief Product Engineer, Range Rover Velar. “We’ve also maintained the Velar’s all-terrain ability, with equivalent ground clearance on the plug-in hybrid versus its non-electric counterpart. Not only that, its impressive 33 miles all-electric range means customers can realistically choose to drive in pure-electric mode on the daily commute as well as around town.”

Other powertrain developments see the new 204hp D200 diesel engine replace the previous 180 and 240hp alternatives, offering emissions from 165g/km. There is also a 300hp diesel engine, and 250hp and 400hp petrols as well as the PHEV.

Jaguar Land Rover’s latest Pivo infotainment system is now fitted to the Velar, accessed through a 10-inch touchscreen, and Range River is claiming improved connectivity for its revised model, including Spotify now being integrated into the menu system, as well as the possibility to connect two phones at once via Bluetooth and up to six USB sockets.

Vehicle mapping, apps, software and services can also be updated over the air, while new camera technology for the Velar means both 360-degree and ‘beneath bonnet’ views are available to make for safer off-roading.

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