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Round-Up: Alfa plots Stelvio awareness campaign, Mini EV to focus on performance, New Company Car Tomorrow

Alfa plots Stelvio awareness campaign

The Big Test - 2018 Alfa Romeo Stelvio - Image 16

Alfa Romeo’s key goal for 2019 is to increase fleet awareness of its Stelvio SUV.

The campaign kicks off during the final quarter of this year with a fleet test drive programme seeking to get 400 prospective company car drivers behind the wheel.

“Awareness is the key task for that next year, awareness is one of my big challenges, it’s ultimately about consideration,” Alfa Romeo and Jeep marketing director Andrew Tracey told Company Car Today. “It’s about people seeing the car and then it getting on to people’s consideration lists. The two big elements are awareness and putting hands on the car, people need to test drive it, then conversion is very high.”

“There is room for growth in fleet – it’s a big part of the growth opportunity,” he continued. “Our aspirations are not astronomical.”

Mini to focus on electric hatch’s pace

National Grid EV charging

Mini’s new electric hatch will be launched in 2020, and the brand is to major on the performance characteristics of electric vehicles as well as the dynamic abilities that Minis are renowned for.

“If you think of what we have done with the plug-in hybrid Countryman – the name is Cooper S E (sports electric) – it’s obvious that what we are bringing to market is maybe different from other manufacturers. We’re looking at how electric power can really enhance the driving experience for owners,” said a Mini spokesman.

“That’s why we are making a strategic decision to place these cars at the performance end of the scale, and really give the driver a reason to choose an electric Mini over their rival vehicles.”

The new electric hatch model will be revealed next year.

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