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Round-Up: BVRLA asks Javid for help, Honda confirms future EV plans, Tesla chargers named as best

BVRLA calls on Javid to help fleets

Gerry Keaney, Chief Executive, BVRLA - Image 9

The BVRLA has written to the chancellor, Sajid Javid asking him to help fleets with his Budget 2019 statement.

In the letter, the organisation has called on the chancellor to:

  • Make EVs more accessible to consumers by removing the £320 VED surcharge or increasing the £40,000 threshold
  • Support rental companies to put cleaner vehicles on UK roads by making VED bands more granular
  • Help fleet drivers invest in greener vehicles now by providing clarity on company car tax (CCT) rates beyond 2023
  • Ensure that the company car market remains a source of the cleanest vehicles by monitoring the impact of WLTP, making rate adjustments to mitigate any adverse impact
  • Adjust CO₂-related taxes and charges such as capital allowance, lease rental restriction to account for the increase in WLTP-based CO₂ figures

“The fleet sector is the quickest route to decarbonising road transportation and is best placed to help the government achieve its 2050 net zero emissions target,” said Gerry Keaney, the organisation’s chief executive in the letter. “We are ready and willing to play our part and to work with government to achieve its environmental goals. However, the tax system must be an ‘enabler’ to help achieve these joint ambitions.”

Honda confirms future EV plans

Honda e and Energy Management Images

Honda has confirmed it will relaunch its Jazz supermini as a hybrid-only model next year, as part of its electrification strategy.

The launch of the Jazz hybrid will follow in the footsteps of the CR-V hybrid and its forthcoming E pure EV, while the company added it has partnered with charging company Ubitricity to develop lamppost EV charging solutions.

It said a unique cable featuring a mobile metering device can be fitted to the points allowing charging cost to be linked to the customer’s tariff to remove the need for subscription to several suppliers.

Tesla Supercharger network named as best in the UK

Company Car Today - The Green Pages - Focus on Tesla - Tesla Supercharger

Tesla’s supercharger network is the best charging point network in the UK, according to a survey conducted by Zap Map.

The company surveyed 1,600 users and awarded satisfaction ratings for 26 UK networks and the firm used a satisfaction score system from 0-100 based on the ratings to determine the top networks.

Tesla’s network scored a 94% rating, followed by Instavolt (86%) and Pod Point (79%).

The Zap Map survey panel was also asked to rank four key issues related to EV charging on the public network and the company said EV users rank ‘reliability’ as the overriding consideration, with ‘speed’ a secondary factor. Charging cost is deemed to be relatively less important as are facilities available at a charging location.

“EV drivers are very clear as to what makes for a good charging experience with ‘reliability’ being the number one priority. EV users need to be able to access the whole of the UK network with confidence that the installed chargers will be working and available as advertised,” said Dr Ben Lane, CTO and Joint MD at Zap Map. “EV drivers are increasingly savvy about the different levels of service offered by each of the UK’s charging networks and will change their driving routes to use those which offer the best service. This suggests that the market is becoming highly competitive with EV users happy to pay for quality, but avoiding networks which fail to provide a good charging experience.”