Round-Up: BVRLA membership at 10-year high, ‘No excuse not to provide winter tips’, ACFO updates website

BVRLA membership at 20-year high

Gerry Keaney, Chief Executive, BVRLA - Image 3

The BVRLA has claimed its membership figure is at a 20-year high following a pledge to scale up its operations to meet its increasing diverse member base.

According to the fleet organisation, it grew its membership categories including brokers and associates in 2018 with SMEs also joining the association.

“We expanded the team, extended the building, increased research, launched a new website and boosted our internal and external expertise. We are already starting to see the impact of this investment. Greater levels of engagement, higher volumes of interactions and increased operational effectiveness are being delivered across all areas of the association,” said Gerry Keaney, the BVRLA’s chief executive.

‘No excuse’ not to provide winter driving tips, says Fleet Check

Winter driving 2

There’s “no excuse” for fleet managers not to be able to provide guidance about driving in wintery conditions, fleet management software company Fleet Check has said.

The company said with snow and ice currently being predicted, fleets had a moral responsibility – and even potentially a legal one – to ensure that employees were informed about employer expectations and advice.

“Fleets should have real time communication channels in place that enable them to contact drivers in situations just such as this, whether they use a specialist app, social media like WhatsApp or even just good, old-fashioned email,” said Peter Golding, the company’s MD. “The fact is that the risk of accident or other dangerous incident is much increased in wintry weather and now is the right time to use those methods of reaching drivers to keep them fully informed. There is no excuse not to do otherwise.”

ACFO updates website

Association of Car Fleet Operators (ACFO) logo

ACFO has updated its website. Changes include a new-look news section and director-written blogs designed to reflect on industry topics.

Also, the fleet body said the new website provides easier access to recordings from seminars, webinars and presentations for members.

“As ACFO increasingly focuses on conveying information digitally, the refreshed website ensures easier access to our ‘Digital Brief’ recordings and all ACFO news and views content, which means greater usability,” said Caroline Sandall, ACFO deputy chair.