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Round-Up: Car makers urged to publish WLTP figures, Zipcar claims membership rise, Europcar/BT SMR deal

Car makers urged to publish WLTP figures

Analysis: WLTP - the company car impact - lead image

Car makers should publish WLTP CO2 figures now in order to help fleets plan ahead, leasing company Venson said.

From April 6, 2020 the Government has said that company car benefit-in-kind tax will be calculated from a model’s CO2 figure derived from the new WLTP emission and fuel economy testing regime.

Venson said its research has found that WLTP CO2 figures are “invariably not available on the websites and online ‘car builder’ tools offered by many motor manufacturers”, adding that Furthermore, industry data providers, which supply contract hire and leasing companies and major fleets with tax, service, maintenance and repair and residual value information, are also unable to source the required figures en masse at present.

Simon Staton, director of client management at Venson Automotive Solutions, said: “We are in an absurd position. We know that motor manufacturers have the WLTP CO2 data because the NEDC-correlated or converted figure currently available for each car is derived from it. Therefore, it seems illogical that the information is not readily available so fleet decision-makers can review future company car choice lists – particularly where a CO2 emission cap is in place – and drivers can make decisions on their next company car.”

Zipcar claims membership rise

The new fully electric Zipcar E-Golf is due to launch this summer

Car-sharing company Zipcar has claimed its UK-wide membership figure has increased by a third in the last year, to 280,000 members.

It attributed the rise to a surge in interest in electric vehicles, with the company claiming that 22,000 members in London have used an EV in the last year.

The company added it is now “fully focused” on making its fleet electric-only by 2025.

Europcar/BT SMR deal

BT Fleet Solutions-1

Europcar has signed a deal with BT Fleet Solutions for the latter firm to provide a service, maintenance and repair service for its van fleet.

The rental company said it chose BT Fleet Solutions “because it offers the LCV sector a bespoke SMR service, fully equipped to handle the biggest, most complex and demanding van fleet requirements” and the contract was awarded following a “significant increase” in the proportion of its vans on long-term rent.