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Round-Up: Citroen plans electric van ‘offensive’, Motorists ‘not ready’ for AVs, 20% distracted by fireworks

Citroen to launch electric van ‘offensive’

Citroen electric vans

Citroen has announced plans to launch three new electric vans by 2021 as part of an “electrification offensive.”

The new models will consist of the Relay Electric (due early 2020), an electric version of its Dispatch van (due 2020) and a Berlingo EV (in 2021).

The brand said the Dispatch will be offered with two powertrains – one offering 124 miles on the WLTP cycle with a 50kWh battery and another  offering 186 miles on WLTP cycle with a 75kWh battery – however, the company has not outlined the technical specifications of the Berlingo EV.

Drivers not ready for driverless vehicles, says poll


A lack of trust in safety technology and an emotional ‘attachment’ to car ownership are two key road blocks to a future of vehicle sharing and self-driving cars, according to a survey conducted by consultancy Neckermann.

It said it could be at least 10 years before autonomous vehicles, and the sharing of them, will become part and parcel of society. Combined with a perceived lack of prestige in not owning a vehicle, the firm said this suggests that the majority of today’s motorists aren’t yet ready for mobility concepts of the future.

The survey revealed that 75% are not comfortable with, or undecided, about future adoption of AVs, along with strong resistance to a future of shared car ownership. Lukas Neckermann, Managing Director of Neckermann Strategic Advisors and co-author of the study adds, “Consumers need to be inspired by the benefits of AVs instead of being flummoxed by the technology. The promise of enhanced journey safety, convenience and dependability is much more compelling than endless discussions on the trolley-problem and number of miles driven in autonomous mode.”

20% of motorists have been distracted by fireworks

Fireworks London

One in five (20%) drivers have been distracted by fireworks while driving, according to a survey conducted by the AA, while 13% said the sound had distracted them and 12% said that smoke from bonfires had obscured their vision when driving.

The AA advised that if you are caught on a road thick with smoke or fog to slow down and keep a greater distance from cars in front and don’t over-rely on automatic lights, adding if visibility is incredibly poor find a safe place to pull over and wait for the smoke to pass.

Edmund King, AA Charitable Trust director, said: “Remember, remember that the fireworks on Bonfire Night are not meant to be enjoyed from the driving seat. Losing concentration or being distracted due to fireworks can be just as dangerous as using your mobile phone at the wheel – drivers need their full attention on the road.”