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Round-Up: Citroens are RDE2 compliant, SSE takes on EVs, Budget date reconfirmed

Citroens are RDE2 compliant

Citroen RDE2

Citroen and DS have confirmed its diesel cars are now compliant with the RDE2 emissions standard ahead of the January 2021 deadline.

To achieve RDE2 compliance, nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions in the new RDE ‘real world’ test are permitted to be a maximum of 1.43 times the laboratory limit of 80mg/km, up to 114.4mg/km.

RDE2 diesels are also exempt on the 4% Benefit-in-Kind levy placed on non-compliant diesels, too.

SSE takes on EVs

SSE EV fleet

Energy company SSE has taken on its first electric vehicles after it signed up to the EV100 commitment to move its fleet to electric power.

The firm said the vehicles will be closely monitored to allow a better understanding of EV-specific factors including range anxiety for people whose job involves driving all day, the ease of home charging, the availability of rapid charge points, and overall performance in challenging and remote conditions.

As part of its EV100 pledge, the business said it is currently targeting the switch of 3,500 vehicles to electric and has so far installed over 100 charge points across 20 of its main sites with plans to continue this across more remote locations as the fleet increases, and the wider group continues to provide national charging infrastructure projects across the UK.

Budget date reconfirmed

Budget 2019 Red Box

The new Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, has confirmed the Budget will go ahead on 11 March, as previously planned.

There had been speculation that it would not go ahead as planned following the Cabinet reshuffle, but Sunak tweeted he was “cracking on” with plans and would “deliver the promises” made to voters during the General Election.

The Budget will enable the planned Benefit-in-Kind rates, including the 0% EV BIK rate to be adopted into law.