Round-Up: EV lease costs fall, BCA launches new app, Venson hosts ROSPA course

Average cost of EV leases falls in 2018

The Big Test - Nissan Leaf - In Context - First Generation Nissan Leaf

The average cost of leasing an electric vehicle fell by 9.5% on average in 2018, according to automotive data company Cap HPI has said.

It found monthly lease values for the Nissan Leaf fell by 6.6% between January and November 2018, while monthly lease rates for the Renault Zoe fell by 16% between June and November.

Meanwhile, in the 12 months up to November 2018, the BMW i3 saw lease prices drop by 9.2% and the Volkswagen e-Golf saw prices drop 14% over the same period.

Mark Turnbull, global head of consulting at Cap HPI, said: “Over the next few years the new price of BEVs will come down as more affordable ‘mainstream’ model ranges are introduced by many manufacturers. Used buyer perception will continue to improve as battery ranges are extended and charging times are reduced, and electric car technology proves to be robust and reliable. So subject to adequate investment in charging infrastructure, and positive Government legislation, I believe their residual values will be stronger. A pincer movement of lower new prices and improved RVs will mean less depreciation in pound terms, and cheaper lease rates will speed up the adoption of this technology.”

BCA launches new app

BCA Buyer App launches

Remarketing giant BCA has launched a new smartphone app to help streamline the buying process.

The launch of the app – which can be installed onto Apple and Android devices – follows on from a period of customer testing and can support online and in-auction bidding by allowing users to track multiple vehicles in real-time and be notified when bidding starts,  BCA said.

The app allows customers to search for vehicles by make, model, auction centre, sale date and vendor, while buyers can also access detailed vehicle information, including BCA Assured reports, vehicle grades and guide pricing.

Venson hosts ROSPA training course

Sleepy driver

Fleet management company Venson Automotive Solutions is hosting the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents training course Managing Occupational Road Risk, for staff driving on company business.

It is designed to help those who manage a fleet or supervise company drivers and aims to provide them with the knowledge and skills to effectively manage people who drive for work and gives best practice advice, Venson said.

Alison Bell, marketing director at Venson Automotive Solutions, said: “The DfT says the average cost to society of a fatal road accident is in excess of £2 million, with even slight injuries costing over £16,000 per casualty. A damage only accident costs an average of £2,271. By providing managers with best practice advice, our course helps them to understand the influence they have on driver behaviour and encourages higher safety standards for company car and grey fleet drivers.”