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Round-Up: First Tesla Model 3s arrive in UK, EV insurance ‘higher than petrol or diesel cars’, Merc offers 48hr tests

First Tesla Model 3s arrive in the UK

Tesla Model 3

Tesla delivered the first right-hand-drive Model 3s to UK customers this week, with those who placed deposits in 2016 being among the first to receive their vehicles.

The Model 3 is the American firm’s most affordable vehicle to date and is priced from £38,900, including the Government’s £3,500 Plug-in Car grant.

The entry-level version has a 258-mile range; this rises to 329 miles in the Model 3 Performance, which is priced from £48,590 including the Government’s Plug-in Car grant.

Tesla has not said how many UK customers have reserved the Model 3, however, the firm’s website is promising a July delivery date is the car is ordered today.

EV insurance is 14% more than petrol or diesel cars, says leasing company

The average price of insurance for electric vehicles is £116 more than an equivalent petrol or diesel car, according to research.

Vantage Leasing said this is 14% more, while it added that premiums were higher for vehicles parked in a garage compared with those left on the street overnight.

“There’s no doubt UK motorists are ready for EVs. Demand is growing because the technology and infrastructure is getting better every year. However, this optimism could easily be curtailed if the costs mount up. After all, electric cars are touted as being both kinder to the environment and easier on the wallet, so the industry must ensure they are affordable to ensure they become increasingly popular,” said Rob Walker, the company’s MD.

Mercedes offers 48-hour test-drives

First Drive-June 2019-Mercedes B220d-Image 2

Mercedes-Benz is the latest car maker to offer 48-hour long test drives.

The offer runs until Wednesday 31 July and is available on all models bar the Mercedes-AMG range, the new GLE, the new A-Class Saloon and Marco Polo.

Rob Halloway, marketing director at Mercedes-Benz Cars UK, said: “Our retailer partners offer this extended test drive exclusively to our customers, and it allows them to experience one of our latest cars on their terms.”