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Round-Up: Fit-to-drive tests ‘important’, Facelifted Mirage teased, Phones behind the wheel is ‘most annoying habit’

Fit-to-drive tests ‘important’ for fleets

Modern self-test breathalyser AlcoSense Excel

Fit-to-drive declarations that ask an employee to affirm their ability to drive safely are becoming “more important” in the light of increased levels of drink and drug driving, according to fleet software company FleetCheck.

The firm said that the self-certification provides “a focal point for drivers and employers when it comes to their fitness to take to the road.”

FleetCheck added that fleets need to back up these measures with education campaigns that showed drivers about the dangers of drink and drug-driving, while also making it clear that they were operating a zero tolerance approach.

“It’s a dangerous and perhaps ill-informed assumption among some that employees will know about behaving legally and responsibly in this area, therefore taking action to ensure that drivers know all about the risks – both legally and in a moral sense – is important,” said Peter Golding, MD of FleetCheck.

Mitsubishi teases facelifted Mirage

Mirage Teaser Image.jpg

Mitsubishi has teased its facelifted and updated Mirage hatchback ahead of its unveiling later this month.

Due to be shown on November 18, the firm said the model features sharp and dynamic exterior designs to bring them in line with the “Mitsubishi design language” which debuted with the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV and has since evolved to the Eclipse Cross, ASX and L200 Series 6.

Phones behind the wheel is ‘most annoying habit’

mobile phone

Research has claimed that British drivers find other motorists’ use of mobile phones the most annoying habit on the road.

According to the study by Kwik Fit, other motorists using a mobile phone handset to talk, text or use social media is in the top five most annoying habits for 56% of drivers. This is more than tailgating (50%), failing to indicate (49%) and dangerous overtaking (38%).

Roger Griggs, communications director at Kwik Fit, said: “The research clearly shows that actions of other drivers which annoy us the most are those which put people’s safety at risk on the road. There is no excuse for using a handheld mobile phone when driving, whether it’s for a call, texting or checking social media.”