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Round-Up: Fleets ‘key’ to EV uptake, Fleets offered tyre advice, Latest CCT issue out now

Fleets ‘key’ to EV uptake

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Fleet operators are key to a widespread rollout of electric vehicles and should be tools, information and incentives required to switch to EVs and drive adoption of the EV

technology, according to a report published by Connected Place Catapult and Digital Catapult.

It said fleet managers that “switch their large vehicle fleets quickly will create a significant early impact on reducing air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions”, adding that data on the demand for public charging can be used to “help drive the private vehicle market.”

lan Nettleton, senior technologist at the Connected Place Catapult said: “Electrification of our road vehicle fleet will be vital in addressing challenges such as air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, along with measures to encourage walking, cycling and public transport.  We need to think carefully around how to make EVs an attractive prospect to both individual and the fleet operator.  This includes making the experience easy and intuitive, whilst at the same time capitalising on the great driving experience EVs offer.”

Fleets offered tyre advice

Highways England tyre safety

Company car drivers could extend tyre replacement cycles and increase efficiencies if drivers take better care their company cars, according to Michelin.

The tyre giant has offered four pieces of advice to help drivers:

  • The firm suggests checking tyre pressures at least once a month to improve on a vehicle’s steering, handling and braking.
  • Michelin is also advising drivers to keep a close eye on the wheel alignment, as poor tracking can cause a vehicle’s handling to be altered, compromising safety.
  • The company also advises drivers to regularly check tyre tread depths.
  • Michelin also advised drivers to adjust their driving style to avoid excessive braking, acceleration, or constantly stopping and starting, which can cause tyres to wear much faster than normal.

Latest CCT issue out now

Company Car Today - Issue 56 - 24th July 2019 - Cover Image

The latest issue of Company Car Today is available to read for free.

This issue’s cover star is the Audi A4 as we find out if its mid-life revision is enough to take the fight to the BMW 3-series.

Elsewhere, the Ford Focus Active Estate is the latest vehicle to be put through its paces in our Big Test and editor Paul Barker grabs a cuppa and sits down with Kia fleet boss John Hargreaves.

We’ve added a new monthly section to CCT. Called Green Company Car, it’s written by David Motton and contains a look at the different issues surrounding EV adoption and the technology, as well as a monthly profile on a manufacturer’s ULEV efforts and a guest opinion by different people with views on the various ways fleets can make their business travel greener.

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