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Round-Up: Fleets ‘should reconsider SUVs’, Van thefts rise by 45% since 2015, New Seat mobility boss

Fleets ‘should reconsider’ SUVs

The Big Test - Seat Tarraco - 2019 - In context - The Tarraco completes Seat’s push into the SUV sector, following the mid-sized Ateca - pictured right - launched in 2016 and the smaller Arona that arrived at the beginning of 2018

Businesses should consider the role SUVs play on their company fleets, following a the publication of a report that claimed that growing demand for SUVs was the second largest contributor to increases in global CO2 emissions from 2010-2018.

According to the report, published by International Energy Agency, during that time, SUVs – defined in the report as everything from soft roaders to off-roading 4x4s – saw their global market share increase from 17% to 39% of new car sales, trailing only power generation as an increasing source of CO2.

Responding to the report, FleetCheck said the report should prompt companies to check the real-world emissions of their vehicles.

“There is certainly a need, the numbers suggest, to ascertain whether SUVs that are being operated on company business comply to sensible corporate social responsibility requirements and even perhaps asking whether they are projecting the right image for your business,” said Peter Golding, the firm’s MD. “This may be an unpopular thing to do – there appears to be remarkably little awareness that SUVs are heavier and less aerodynamic than cars, so tend to have worse emissions – but the degree to which some are contributing to CO2 emissions is genuinely shocking.”

Number of vans stolen rises by 45% in four years

vehicle thefts

The number of vans stolen in the last four years has increased by 45%, according an analysis of police figures by Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles.

It said a total of 32,056 vans have been stolen over the last four years with almost 10,000 thefts recorded across the UK in the last year alone. The 2018/19 figures represent a year-on-year rise of 4% and a 45% increase since 2015/16.

David Hanna, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles head of service and parts operations, said: “Our most recent findings are concerning as it reveals that the problem of van theft is getting worse rather than better – and it’s a problem right across the country. Vans are the lifeblood of so many businesses up and down the country and it’s not only the emotional stress of replacing the vehicle but also the days and weeks of letting customers down and the cost of replacing tools, often worth thousands of pounds, before you can get back to ‘business as usual’.”

New Seat mobility head


Lucas Casasnovas has been named as Seat’s head of urban mobility and will “lead the development of new urban mobility solutions that are affordable and sustainable for the environment, cities and people”, the brand said.

“Urban mobility is changing, and our role at Seat is to adapt our business and offer new solutions for the cities of today. Lucas Casasnovas will have the goal of consolidating projects currently in progress and boost future strategy regarding new mobility trends,” said Seat vice-president for sales and marketing, Wayne Griffiths.