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Round-Up: New Ford app, Highways England takes on XC40s, Uber awarded two-month licence

Ford launches new app

FordPass Pro App Connects Small Business Owners to Their Vehicles

Ford has launched a new vehicle smartphone app aimed at SMEs.

The firm said its FordPass Pro app allows managers to monitor up to five vehicles at once from one screen.

Features include:

  • Check In displays  information about each vehicle – for example AdBlue levels so owners know when to refill
  • Vehicle Location lets owners know where their vehicles are at the beginning or end of the day and helps drivers find their vans in busy car parks or work locations
  • Remote Lock/Unlock enables independent security for both the cabin and load compartment
  • Vehicle Health offers visibility of health indicators including fuel levels, oil life, and tyre pressure, helping owners reduce wear and tear and improve fuel economy
  • Alarm Notification Lets owners know if any of their vehicles’ alarms have been triggered
  • Remote Start on automatic vehicles lets owners remotely start the engine to ensure vans are warmed, de-iced and ready for work on early morning shifts

Highways England takes on XC40s

xc90 highways england

Highways England has taken on 41 Volvo XC40 SUVs and they will be used to assess the standards and integrity of the country’s motorways and major ‘A’ roads.

Nick Harris, executive director of operations at Highways England, said: “Keeping our roads safe, well maintained and providing a better driving experience for road users are important aspects of the day-to-day operation of our roads – contributing to our key imperatives of safety, customer service, and delivery. It is important that vehicles we use are cost-effective, reliable and versatile – the Volvo XC40 will be a valuable addition to our fleet.”

Uber awarded two-month licence


Transport for London has renewed Uber’s private hire licence for a further two-month period “ahead of consideration of any potential further licensing application.”

The organisation said it is “requesting additional material from Uber” adding “this additional information will help inform any future licensing decision.”

A TfL spokesperson said: “Uber London Limited has been granted a two-month private hire operator licence to allow for scrutiny of additional information that we are requesting ahead of consideration of any potential further licensing application.”