Round-Up: Pointer takes on Peugeots, Bullet-proof BMW X5, TMC signs licence-checking deal

Pointer takes on Peugeots

Security integrating company Pointer has added a number of Peugeot 308 and 508 onto its fleet as part of a new fleet deal.

The firm is a longstanding Peugeot customer and said the 508s will be used by the company’s sales and maintenance teams across the UK.

“Over the last 25 years Peugeot and Pointer have built a robust and rewarding partnership. From 306s and 406s in the 90s to today’s 308s, 508s and 3008 SUVs, Peugeot have always had cars and vans that were right for our fleet,” said Pointer director Sandy Rowan.

Bullet-proof BMW X5 revealed

BMW has revealed a high-protection version of its X5 SUV.

According to the firm, the X5 Protection VR6 model “offers private individuals and persons at risk customised protection against violent attacks, kidnapping or organised crime.”

Security enhancements include glass which is 33mm thick – enough to withstand attacks, BMW said – along with armoured plating, while the model is powered by  a 530hp 4.4-litre V8 that emits 298g/km of CO2.

Before being produced, BMW said ballistic testing was carried out by an independent state testing authority to verify the resistance effect of the armouring and security glazing in accordance with internationally recognised guidelines, adding the ballistic tests “exceed by far the usual requirements”.  In addition to the required 90 and 45-degree ballistic tests, the test scenario is supplemented by gunfire from additional angles in order to best reflect realistic condition, BMW said.

TMC signs licence-checking deal

driving licence checking image

TMC has been appointed by textiles group Elis to manage the licence checking for its fleet of company cars and cash allowance drivers.

TMC said it will provide licence checks for Elis’s 200 drivers, as well as undertaking all the admin, from chasing drivers for incomplete information to scheduling future checks, to ensure Elis’ drivers are compliant, adding these checks will also link into Elis’ expense system, restricting claims for drivers who haven’t completed their checks.