Round-Up: Some breathalysers ‘useless’, Merc E300e prices confirmed, VW eCrafter to visit MK

Some breathalysers ‘so inaccurate they are useless’, claims FleetCheck


Some low cost breathalysers are “so inaccurate they are useless”, fleet management software provider FleetCheck has warned.

The firm said fleet managers should warn drivers over the festive period about the poor accuracy of cheap testers following testing by a consumer magazine that found the cheapest effective breathalyser cost around £60.

“Company car and van drivers who have a drink over the Christmas break and then test themselves with one the following morning are no doubt trying to be responsible but the chances of the device giving an accurate reading are not good,” said Peter Golding, the firm’s MD. “The employee could head out on the road, be stopped by the police and lose their licence or, worse, become involved an accident because alcohol has impaired their judgement.”

Mercedes E300e plug-in prices

Merc plug-in

Mercedes has confirmed its E 300 e petrol plug-in hybrid model costs from £47,450.

It is owered by a 2.0-litre petrol engine which produces 211hp and a hybrid module with 122 hp of electric power. According to Mercedes, it can return 134.5mpg and emits 46g/km of CO2.

The E 300 e has a fully electric range of 31 and it can be charged from 10 to 100% in under two hours with a 7.4 kW charger, or in under four hours from a standard three-pin UK socket, the German brand claimed.

Electric Crafter heads for MK

vw e-Crafter

Volkswagen is displaying its e-Crafter electric van at the EV Experience Centre in Milton Keynes this weekend.

Although the vehicle debuted at the CV Show earlier this year, VW said it is expected to be on sale in right-hand drive format from 2021, however, four UK fleets have already been testing it.

Ted Foster, centre manager at the EV Experience Centre, said: “We deal everyday with enquiries and concerns about electric vehicles from potential customers, and there’s no doubt van operators have a raft of issues to understand too. Having the e-Crafter at the centre for people to view, especially over such a busy shopping weekend, will spark some interesting discussions and get operators thinking about what’s right for their fleet.”