The secret diary of a motoring journalist aged 39¾'ish


14th June 2021

Whoa, that is a very bold colour choice. Mind you, after a minute or two, I’m rapidly coming round to the Azura Blue paintwork of this limited run model. Only 300 Editions are coming to the UK, out of a total of 500, so it’s a rare bird and one that Ford must be well aware will go down a storm with its hot hatch faithful, especially as it looks like a scaled-down Focus RS in this distinctive hue with black 18-inch alloy wheels.
Secret Diary - 14th June 2021 - Ford Fiesta ST - Image 4
Aside from the unique styling of the Edition, which comprises a high gloss black finish for the grille, rear diffuser, badges, roof, rear spoiler, and door mirrors, there are some other changes for the Edition over a standard ST. The most important is the same manually adjustable suspension as the previous ST Performance Edition. This provides a 15mm lower front ride height and 10mm reduced rear ride height. And as the car is based on the ST-3, it comes with a limited slip differential.
Secret Diary - 14th June 2021 - Ford Fiesta ST - Image 7
Having digested all of the specs during my first couple of days with the ST Edition, it’s time to see if they work on a back road jaunt this morning. I’m a huge fan of the standard ST and the improved suspension of this version proves perfect for fun on smoother undulating routes. Masses of grip, plenty of steering feedback, and the sort of agility only a smaller hot hatch can offer through lower weight. This is a brilliant compact performance machine.
Secret Diary - 14th June 2021 - Ford Fiesta ST - Image 3
More mundane duties beckon today with an osteopath appointment. Nothing to do with the Ford and everything to do with an old neck injury. There and back, the Fiesta is perfectly comfortable, quiet and refined. The Recaro front seats are supportive and easily adjusted, and the ST Edition does everything a standard Fiesta does, so it’s a breeze to parallel park in a tight space and comfy through town.
Secret Diary - 14th June 2021 - Ford Fiesta ST - Image 2
Back to more pertinent driving matters today in the Fiesta and a good deal of my admiration for this car over last week’s Focus ST comes from the Fiesta using a six-speed manual gearbox. It’s light, accurate and gels with the three-cylinder 1.5-litre engine that loves to rev. With the same 200hp as the normal ST, the Edition is no quicker, but 0-62mph in 6.5 seconds means it’s no slouch.
Secret Diary - 14th June 2021 - Ford Fiesta ST - Image 6
A splendidly brisk drive this afternoon on the back roads to the supermarket shows the ST Edition is every bit as able as any Fiesta at the routine stuff. It just does it all with a joyous lust for driving. Even so, it’s also returned a decent 37.3mpg during this week of quick motoring. Some might question the hefty price tag of the ST Edition, but I suspect residual values will offset this as fast Ford fans seek it out in the future.
Secret Diary - 14th June 2021 - Ford Fiesta ST - Image 8
A final day with the Fiesta ST Edition and a drive to the first Bo’ness Revival Breakfast Meeting in a long time. The ST fits in well with the collection of classics that have brought people together for a coffee and chat. However, not even the Ford’s bright blue can quite compete with the brilliant orange of a lovely Porsche 914 that has turned up.
Secret Diary - 14th June 2021 - Ford Fiesta ST - Image 9