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15th November 2021

With a lot of EVs, there’s no mistaking they are powered by battery due to their styling. With the MG5, you’d be forgiven for not giving it a second glance as it appears as an ordinary estate car. No bad thing in my book as I like no-nonsense estates, and the MG5 offers decent but not class-busting load space. It’s also way more affordable than most EVs, which should make it a shoo-in for company drivers.
Secret Diary - November 2021 - MG5 EV - Image 3
A drive into Stirling this morning shows the MG5 has a strong turn of speed. It claims 0-60mph in 7.3 seconds, which is nudging hot hatch territory. It’s great for joining the motorway and passing slower vehicles, but a combination of damp roads and mediocre tyres means the MG is only too willing to spin up its front tyres when pulling away on to roundabouts or out of junctions. A delicate right foot is a must.
Secret Diary - November 2021 - MG5 EV - Image 2
MG claims a combined range of 214 miles for the MG5. Today sees me needing to top up the battery. It’s gone from near full to less than 20% in around 120 miles of local driving in mild weather. After trying four chargers, I finally get one that works and it takes about and hour and half to see the battery up to around 90% charged. Just a shame it took four hours in total due to other chargers not working.
Secret Diary - November 2021 - MG5 EV - Image 6
Another battery top-up needed today. My nearest charger is at the Dunblane Hydro hotel and it’s a BP Pulse unit. Sadly, it doesn’t work because it won’t accept my debit or credit card. While I’m there, I see plenty of luxury saloons waiting to ferry people to the COP26 meeting. Guess what? Every one of these cars is diesel-powered. So much for the environmental recovery beginning right here, right now…
Secret Diary - November 2021 - MG5 EV - Image 4
On the usual mix of back roads in my neck of the woods, the MG5 makes a good impression with its ride quality. It eases over the mess of surfaces with no jarring or over-firmness that can often mar an EV on these routes. Overall, the MG is undemanding to drive and easy to live with thanks to reasonable space and a good equipment count. However, I’d like the stereo and heater buttons to be more clearly defined from each other.
Secret Diary - November 2021 - MG5 EV - Image 8
Another charging session at the local supermarket now its chargers are allegedly working again. Sadly, only two out of the four units are operating and another EV driver has parked so inconsiderately, it takes a daft bit of manoeuvring to squeeze the MG into the space. This is because the charging port is at the front, requiring me to park nose-in, which is not my preferred method.
Secret Diary - November 2021 - MG5 EV - Image 1
Last day with the MG and we’re off to my son’s rugby match with a couple of his chums. This means the radio is swapped from soothing Radio 4 to Capital FM for the duration. At least the MG’s infotainment is easy to fathom and use for the taxi driver (me) and passengers. It also delivers excellent sound quality and is quick to hook up to my phone, too.
Secret Diary - November 2021 - MG5 EV - Image 5