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1st November 2021

I must admit, the Suzuki Swace is a car I hadn’t thought much about until this SZ5 trim model turned up this morning. First impressions are it’s a handsome estate that does without all of the chintz that afflicts some its competitors. That simplicity is very appealing to me as someone who depends on an estate car for much of my weekly driving duties. The week ahead will prove a tough test of the Swace.
Secret Diary - November 2021 - Suzuki Swace - Image 5
Up early this morning and the Swace’s carrying capability is being tried straight away as I pack in my brother’s very expensive road bike. There’s loads of room in the Swace thanks to 1232-litres of cargo area with the rear seats folded. Just as vitally, it leaves a long, flat floor with no sticky-out bits from the side walls, so stashing the bike safely is easy and the extending mesh net protect me and the bike.
Secret Diary - November 2021 - Suzuki Swace - Image 4
Yesterday’s early start was to get me and said bike down to London. I’m here for work and dropping off the bike was a side benefit. With the bike delivered in one piece, I can breathe easier, while the Swace brushed off the 500 mile trip without breaking sweat. More impressively, when I went to fill up with petrol this morning, I realised it only took 38-litres of unleaded to brim the tank. That makes the official combined 64.2mpg very believable.
Secret Diary - November 2021 - Suzuki Swace - Image 2
While in the south east of England, I have various meetings and the Swace is earning its keep as a mobile office. The sat-nav is simple to programme and gives clear instructions, I can hook up my phone without needing an Astro-physics degree, and the automatic gearbox makes the treacle-like traffic flow something for other people to get hot and bothered about.
Secret Diary - November 2021 - Suzuki Swace - Image 3
Full marks to Suzuki, and Toyota as it makes the Swace based on the Corolla, for the comfort in this small estate. The seat is supportive in all the right places and a fourth day of long drives proves it gets this spot on. All-round vision is good, too, but refinement at motorway pace could be a bit better. On the plus side, the Swace copes well with the mish-mash of UK road surfaces.
Secret Diary - November 2021 - Suzuki Swace - Image 6
Back in my own trusty estate Volvo and a chance to try out a Tent Box roof tent for a spot of camping with the kids. We ended up on a friend’s small holding and, even though it was quite chilly and wet during the night, we all had a good night’s kip. The kids have declared the Tent Box a success and it’s very quick to open and close, so this could be an option for weekend getaways next year.
Secret Diary - November 2021 - Suzuki Swace - Image 7
Last day with the Swace and, for a car that was under my radar a week ago, I reckon it deserves to be on a lot more company drivers’ list of contenders. It’s not glamorous, but it does the job superbly and fuel economy is a strong point. It also comes with commendable 99g/km carbon dioxide emissions, so it’s not even demanding on the wallet for a car such good manners and a generous specification.
Secret Diary - November 2021 - Suzuki Swace - Image 1