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25th November 2019

Last week’s Jag was very enjoyable in a lot of ways, so the Ford Tourneo Courier that has replaced it this week could have suffered by comparison. However, there’s a simple honesty to the Courier that appeals to me in this world of crossovers and SUVs. An uncomplicated MPV such as this has a lot of virtues, not least the large amount of space fitted into its compact dimensions.
Secret Diary - 25th November 2019 - Ford Torneo Custom - Monday
An early start this morning to cart some stuff over to a lock-up as part of my involvement with the Bo’ness Revival Hillclimb. The Courier carries it all with ease without even having to drop the back seats. More importantly, the large tailgate meant I didn’t get wet as I cleaned out the boot from the dust and debris of the recently departed load. It’s like a huge canopy acting as an umbrella.
Secret Diary - 25th November 2019 - Ford Torneo Custom - Tuesday - Large Tailgate
There is no getting away from the fact this Tourneo Courier is slow, and slow to the point where I’ve had to adjust my driving ambitions to suit. Forget overtaking on country roads or rapid motorway travel, the Courier requires a reset of mindset so you canter along and let the 1.5-litre turbodiesel gently bring you up to the required speed for the road. It’s quite liberating to do away with any desire to drive quickly.
A check of the gauges and the Courier’s fuel economy is just about hitting the claimed average of 48.7mpg. Not bad considering the first few miles were spent trying to wring some performance from the engine before swapping to a more laid-back manner. It will be interesting to see if the gentler approach has a longer-term affect on the fuel consumption or if it’s peaked.
Secret Diary - 25th November 2019 - Ford Torneo Custom - Thursday - Ford Tourneo Custom Guages
You can spot the Courier’s van origins in many ways, not least the boxy styling. For some that might be a negative, but from where I’m sitting it’s all good thanks to the huge centre cubby that can swallow phone, hat, gloves, scarf and keep them from ending up in the passenger footwell. There’s also a right-sized cupholder able to accommodate two cuppas without bashing into each other.
Secret Diary - 25th November 2019 - Ford Torneo Custom - Friday - Tourneo has huge centre cubby
It’s rugby time again with my son and we’re off to training with a couple of his mates. They fit in no bother and, on returning to the Courier after training, there’s not a huge amount of space thanks to some deft parking by the numpty in the next car. However, the Courier comes to the rescue with its sliding rear doors, so the next generation of rugby stars piles in easily.
Secret Diary - 25th November 2019 - Ford Torneo Custom - Saturday - Sliding Doors Come In Handy
A friend asks if I’d have the Courier in place of a Fiesta ST given they are around the same money. It’s an intriguing question as the Tourneo is certainly a vastly able compact MPV and well suited to my needs. The lazy performance can be frustrating, however, so how about a Tourneo Courier with Fiesta ST engine, wheels, brakes and suspension? That would be my ultimate small MPV.