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4th October 2021

Skoda is a big supporter of cycling, which is my preferred form of exercise, so it was great to see the Enyaq being used as a support car on the Tour de France this year. It also made me all the keener to try the Czech firm’s first EV and that came good this morning when this Enyaq iV 80 Loft quietly rolled on to the drive. First impressions are it’s quite big and more boldly styled than the Kodiaq.
Secret Diary - 4th October 2021 - Skoda Envaq - Image 2
Some local jaunts to complete in the Enyaq this morning and first impressions of the cabin are hugely positive. Dropping my brother at the train station, he remarked on the quality and style of the Skoda’s interior. That is very high praise as he is a complete non-car person. He also noted how much space there was, which is very true in the front and back seats.
Secret Diary - 4th October 2021 - Skoda Envaq - Image 5
This iV 80 Loft model has the larger battery of the two offered in the Enyaq and has a claimed maximum range of 331 miles. When the car was dropped off on Monday, the range was reading just over 300 miles and I assumed, as with most EVs, the real-world range would be about two-thirds of that stated. However, the Skoda has been true to its word and used exactly what is stated on the dials.
Secret Diary - 4th October 2021 - Skoda Envaq - Image 4
Skoda is one of the few EV makers that has struck the right balance between controlling the weight of all those batteries and preserving ride quality. Too many EVs sacrifice comfort in the face of all that heft of the EV components, so the Enyaq deserves a special mention for the way it deals with lumpy tarmac. It makes a big difference to refinement and all-round usability.
Secret Diary - 4th October 2021 - Skoda Envaq - Image 6
Still haven’t had to charge up the Skoda thanks to it delivering on the promise of its range on the clocks. However, a top up is needed this afternoon, which is quickly achieved at a local 50kW charger. Just over an hour later, we’re back to around 90% charge and ready for the weekend. This sort of range and convenience is, to me, what will overcome the big hurdle to many company drivers choosing an EV over petrol or diesel.
Secret Diary - 4th October 2021 - Skoda Envaq - Image 3
It’s supermarket sweep time and the Skoda’s boot is more than big enough for the task of carrying supplies for the Suttie troops. However, I did have to tidy the charging cables to get the boot floor to sit flat and level as it’s a tight squeeze in the compartment under the boot. I wonder who will be first to offer a plumbed-in charging cable that retracts into the car the same way as a fuel pump hose does?
Secret Diary - 4th October 2021 - Skoda Envaq - Image 1
The Skoda Enyaq is easily one of the most convincing EVs there is. Its range makes it a more than viable alternative to petrol or diesel, while the car’s space, comfort and quality all make it ideal for family use. In the spec of this one, it has a list price of just shy of £40,000, though company users might prefer the less powerful model that sneaks in under the government’s threshold for the plug-in car grant.
Secret Diary - 4th October 2021 - Skoda Envaq - Image 7