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9th November 2020

The Mazda 2 is undeservedly forgotten when chat turns to superminis in my view. It’s put together with all of the precision we’ve come to expect of Mazda, drives with more than sufficient verve, and is now even easier on the wallet to run for company drivers thanks to its mild hybrid set-up. All of this means the Mazda is up there with the Ford Fiesta, Volkswagen Polo and Vauxhall Corsa in every objective comparison.
Secret Diary- 9th November 2020- Mazda 2- Image 9
The Mazda 2 that’s been dropped off for test is a top spec GT Nav model with the 90hp version of the 1.5-litre petrol engine. Fine by me as it has enough pep to be fun on some country roads this morning while running a couple of errands for work (there was no lockdown in Scotland when I had the car). The manual gearbox is snicky smooth and claimed combined economy of 53.3mpg is proving easy to match.
Secret Diary- 9th November 2020- Mazda 2- Image 7
With its mild hybrid system, the Mazda 2 now offers carbon dioxide emissions of 120g/km, which is about on a par with this car’s key rivals. The larger capacity of the Mazda’s engine, where most of the competition prefers a 1.0-litre three-cylinder motor, does nothing to undermine the 2. In fact, with four cylinders for its engine, the Mazda is smoother and more refined, though I do like the sounds of a three-pot motor.
Secret Diary- 9th November 2020- Mazda 2- Image 8
A longer drive today for work that takes me on a triangular route from home to Edinburgh, then on to Glasgow and home. It’s almost all motorway driving and the 2 feels quite at home in among the fast flow of traffic. Where some superminis can start to wane, the Mazda is stable in the wash from large trucks and crosswinds, so more than 100 miles are notched up with no feeling that a supermini couldn’t cope.
Secret Diary- 9th November 2020- Mazda 2- Image 5
My wife and I were heading out for a lunchtime stroll today and came across this gorgeous Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud III parked outside the homestead. I thought Mrs S has finally cracked the perfect early Christmas present, but unfortunately not. Turns out the car was being used to help with filming a television show called Antiques Road Trip and the presenters were busy sniffing around the antiques shop next door. I’d take the Rolls every time over an antique.
Secret Diary- 9th November 2020- Mazda 2- Image 2
After driving the Mazda 2 for the best part of a week, it was only today that I took in the full splendour of its equipment. An early start to take my son to football demanded heated seats and this Mazda has them as standard. It also has a heated leather steering wheel and climate control, so within no time at myself and the heir apparent were suitably toasty. It also Mazda’s excellent 7-inch infotainment screen and a head-up display to warrant the cost of this model.
Secret Diary- 9th November 2020- Mazda 2- Image 3
Toting up the Mazda’s equipment levels while sipping my morning brew, it’s clear this GT Nav model is keen value when pitched against its main rivals equipped to the same high bar. Granted, the 2 isn’t quite as much fun to drive as a Ford Fiesta, but it has the measure of the Blue Oval car in every other respect. As for the Corsa and Polo, they are distant third-placed joint podium finishers in this competition.
Secret Diary- 9th November 2020- Mazda 2- Image 20