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The Stellantis group has confirmed that the Citroen, Peugeot and Opel medium vans will be available with a hydrogen fuel cell version.

The first hydrogen Dispatch, Expert and Vivaro are set to go on sale by the end of the year with discussions ongoing around right-hand-drive versions.

The models would be the first hydrogen fuel cell vehicles created by the brands and they pair the hydrogen fuel cell technology with an electric battery and motor to create a combined range of 249 miles (400km).

Stellantis Hydrogen Fuel Cell 2021They have been created in partnership with specialist companies Symbio and Faurecia, who have produced the hydrogen storage and motors. They sit alongside an electric battery, which can also be recharged via a conventional electric charging point. The 10.5kW battery is capable of powering the van for 31 miles (50km).

Because of the location of the tanks and motors, Stellantis says that there is no loss of cargo space or payload, with up to 1,100kg of carrying capacity available. There is also no compromise on performance, it claims, with enough power to sit at motorway speeds. It will also not suffer from a drop in range and efficiency in colder weather, as the electric versions do – it retains the same range year round.

It is designed to be recharged mainly at a hydrogen fuelling station, where it is possible to refuel to 90% capacity in just three minutes.

Stellantis only plans to concentrate on the LCV range for now, with no plans to create a hydrogen-powered people carrying version. The group has not ruled out the technology being offered on other brands, only saying that it is to be available on “Citroen, Opel (Vauxhall) and Peugeot for now”.

On where the hydrogen models will go on sale, a spokesman said: “We have made the homologation for European countries first. There are two that are leading the way with infrastructure – France and Germany. We are sure that others will follow and we will support the infrastructure in other countries.”

A UK spokeswoman for Peugeot confirmed that the UK is under consideration as being one of these countries, saying: “We are actively speaking to business customers in the UK across our three LCV Brands about hydrogen fuel cell and expect right-hand-drive vehicles to be produced in due course for these.”

The left-hand drive versions are set to go on sale by the end of 2021 and further details on specification and pricing are expected close to that time.


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