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Average CO2 figures for leased vehicles fell in the third quarter of 2019 mainly as a result of a surge in electric vehicle registrations, the BVRLA said.

According to the BVRLA’s Q3 2019 Quarterly Leasing Survey, average CO2 for all new leased cars came to 116.8g/km during the quarter, down from 118.5g/km in the previous quarter.

During the quarter, the number of leased cars fell by 9% to 813,000 units compared with Q3 2018 and it recorded that business confidence in the fleet leasing sector “remained slightly negative”, however, the confidence in the outlook for fleet sizes grew for the second quarter in a row.

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During Q3, EVs accounted for 1.6% of all leased vehicle registrations which offset the upward COpressure caused by the increasing market share of petrol and personal lease vehicles and the inflationary impact of the new WLTP emissions standard, the BVRLA added.

While diesel’s market share has continued to fall, dropping to 38.3% of new registrations, the BVRLA analysis found that petrol’s share has also fallen back very slightly – to 52.8% – in the face of the BEV surge.

“It is clear that the fleet sector has enthusiastically embraced the EV market and we expect to see BEV registrations really take-off in 2020,” said BVRLA chief executive, Gerry Keaney.“If OEMs can supply enough vehicles and the government maintains the vital Plug-in Car Grant, there is no reason why the BEV share of new lease registrations couldn’t hit 20% by the end of the year.”