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First Drive-July 2019-Nissan Leaf E+-Image 4

Uber to take on 2,000 Nissan Leaf EVs in London

Nissan has signed an agreement with Uber to supply 2,000 Leaf electric vehicles to help the ride-hailing app reach its objective of an all-electric fleet by 2025 in London. The fleet of 40kWh Leafs w...
First Drive-July 2019-Nissan Leaf E+-Image 4

First Drive: Nissan Leaf E+

Nissan’s Leaf launched at the beginning of last year with a 168-mile official range figure that has quickly been surpassed by some rivals, with several EVs now comfortably beyond the 200-mile mark. ...
Longer-range Leaf

Nissan announces longer-range Leaf variant

Nissan has launched a version of its Leaf electric vehicle with a longer range. Just 5,000 Leaf 3.ZERO e+ models are being produced for Europe and it is equipped with a larger capacity 62kW battery w...