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Fleet management company Fleet Services GB has launched a tool that is designed to assist fleets renting vehicles.

It can be accessed via Fleet Service GB’s online customer portal and it allows drivers and fleet managers to make requests to book a rental vehicle through FSGB’s network of suppliers.

The tool requires users to submit details required to make a booking including on-and-off-hire dates, the type of vehicle required, the reason for the hire and the name of person driving the vehicle.

Fleet Service GB customer dashboard

A quote is then offered, before the request is forwarded onto FSGB to arrange, however, the system can be configured so that the fleet manager can give approval before any bookings are made.

The tool also gives the ability for fleet managers to view and manage live rentals, including the ability to extend or terminate bookings if required, while an update is being worked on which will suggest ways of reducing the cost of hiring vehicles for business.

“The new rental management tool was developed at the request of customers, is easy to use and can be bespoke to the requirements of individual clients,” said Sarah Clifford, head of service delivery at Fleet Service GB. “Previously, bookings were made via email or a telephone call, which was inefficient and administratively cumbersome.”

She added: “The new rental management tool is intuitive, avoids duplication of information during the vehicle booking process, reduces the risk of booking errors being made and provides customers with a comprehensive record on all vehicles on hire.”