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Nissan has signed an agreement with Uber to supply 2,000 Leaf electric vehicles to help the ride-hailing app reach its objective of an all-electric fleet by 2025 in London.

The fleet of 40kWh Leafs will be offered to drivers as part of Uber’s Clean Air Plan. Nissan will also provide Uber with a dedicated EV education programme, transaction price and marketing plan to drive uptake of the zero emission vehicles, the companies said.

Around 45,000 drivers use the app in the capital alone and the Clean Air Plan aims to help drivers upgrade to an electric vehicle through a 15p/mile surcharge. Uber said since it was introduced last January it has generated £80 million for drivers to help with the switch.

First Drive-July 2019-Nissan Leaf E+-Image 5

Through the Clean Air Plan, drivers will on average save £4,500, depending on the miles they’ve driven, off the cost of switching to an electric car and once a driver has adopted a fully electric vehicle, the Clean Air Fee is used to support ongoing vehicle costs, Uber added.

Andrew Humberstone, managing director at Nissan Motor GB, said: “Through innovation and collaboration, companies like Nissan and Uber can tackle the challenges of advancing personal urban mobility, whilst also improving air quality in our major cities. As the UK’s best-selling EV, the Nissan Leaf is the perfect vehicle to support Uber’s ambition of a 100% electric fleet in London for 2025. Not only will passengers enjoy the quieter ride that comes from all-electric driving, but cyclists, pedestrians and other road users will also benefit from the zero-emissions powertrain.”

Jamie Heywood, regional general manager for Northern and Eastern Europe at Uber, added: “Our bold vision for London is for every driver on the Uber app to use an all-electric vehicle by 2025. The partnership with Nissan is a hugely significant step towards meeting this goal. The Mayor of London has shown strong leadership on measures relating to air quality and we’re proud to support him in delivering his vision.”