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Virgin Media O2 and Vodafone have both announced EV pledges, with goals of moving to electric-only fleets by 2030 and 2027 respectively.

Virgin Media O2 announced that it has ordered its first 280 electric Vauxhall Vivaro vans on the way to its entire 4300-vehcle fleet being full electric by 2030, as well as offering free home charging units to its staff.

Vodafone UK property and fleet contract manager Craig Login told an Arval webinar that the company is already at 66% of its 1355-vehicle car and van fleet being full electric, and 98% of vehicles ordered in 2020 were either electric or plug-in hybrid. The company is looking to eliminate carbon emissions from its vehicles by 2027.

“We have been quite aggressively pursuing an electrification strategy for the fleet over the last two years, driven both by demands for drivers for zero emissions options and an overall company objective to meet this target,” said Login. ““Without moving to whole life costs, it would’ve been impossible to make a financial argument for electrification. However, using this more accurate and advanced kind of calculation, we can see that overall costs for EVs and PHEVs are very similar, if not better than their internal combustion engine counterparts.”

Login said that LCVs can be a more problematic switch within a vehicle fleet.

“Adopting electric vans is potentially quite a lot more difficult than cars. Essentially, in order to satisfy the emergency call-outs we receive, we need the vehicle to be near to full charge at the end of the day, as well as at the start,” he explained. “This is a tricky issue but there are potential solutions that we are working through with the assistance of Arval’s consultancy team.”

The company said it has asked Arval to examine ways to move its staff out of petrol and diesel cars even faster, potentially before their replacement vehicle is due.

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