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Volkswagen Passat - At a glance car review


Make: Volkswagen

Model: Passat


Almost the perfect understated company car, the Passat is the kind of car that does everything well, but without shouting about it. The saloon and hatchback range is pretty simple, with it being predominantly three diesel engines, as well as the GTE plug-in hybrid, available in both bodystyles. A new petrol range have also been added, having not been part of the launch line-up. The 240hp twin-turbo diesel comes with four-wheel drive, and there’s also a raised and off-road-clad Alltrack estate model.

CCT positive:

Classy mainstream model, especially on the inside, and with good cabin quality and fit and finish.

CCT negative:

Styling is a little conservative, and the saloon styling isn’t as practical as rival hatches.

Main rivals:

Ford Mondeo, Peugeot 508, Vauxhall Insignia.

Interesting alternatives:

Hyundai i40, Kia Optima.

CCT says:

Understated and sensible, the Passat is the sensible choice that’s unlikely to disappoint.

Car file - Volkswagen Passat - Side

Car file - Volkswagen Passat - cabin interior

Car file - Volkswagen Passat - Boot

Car file - Volkswagen Passat - estate rear