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Volvo is fitting data SIM cards to all of its vehicles as standard from today.

Volvo said the SIM card allows the driver and their passengers to be “fully connected at all times” and offers 100GB worth of data for up to one year, with the first year being available for the first 12 months for no extra cost on top of the car’s initial purchase price.

The addition of an integrated SIM card brings benefits in terms of access to entertainment and information apps, real time traffic information and connected safety services, Volvo said.


The SIM card creates an on-board WiFi hotspot that can be used by up to eight devices, allowing passengers to stream music or movies, while it also gives seamless access to the information and entertainment apps that are built into the car’s touchscreen system, including Spotify, TuneIn, Google Local Search, Yelp, Park and Pay, Record & Send, Glympse, Weather and WikiLocation.

The WiFi hotspot also allows Real Time Traffic Information to be gathered and viewed on the navigation screen, which provides re-routing, Volvo added, while the firm said over-the-air updates can be downloaded while on the move too.

Kristian Elvefors, Volvo Car UK managing director, said: “Being connected is a hugely important part of modern life, and in-car connectivity brings a whole host of benefits in terms of entertainment, information, journey planning and safety while on the move. By fitting a data SIM card to every new Volvo, we are ensuring that our customers can enjoy the cutting-edge technology in our cars to the full, while also making their lives easier and more enjoyable.”