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Zap-Map is to offer a new service that it claimed will allow electric vehicle drivers to pay for charging across different networks.

Zap-Pay will be rolled with the Engenie network of charging points confirmed as the first to be included, and will be live across the 150+ network of rapid chargers by the end of September, with ESB EV Solutions, LiFe and Hubsta also on the way in the autumn.

As well as its claim of simplified EV charging, the company said it would offer live status updates, charging history, PDF VAT receipts and 24-hour customer support.

“More people than ever are buying an EV, but providing a seamless charging experience is essential to accelerate this shift, cut carbon emissions and clean our air,” said Ben Lane, joint managing director at Zap-Map. “We already buy much of our shopping with the tap of a finger – Zap-Pay means that EV charging is now the same. No one should need dozens of accounts, apps and cards to charge their car. With one simple app, drivers can now simply plug in and the app manages the rest.”

Although all new charging points installed since spring 2020 are required to offer pay-as-you-go contactless payment, and BP Chargemaster has also retro-fitted the facility to its rapid chargers.

One of the UK’s largest installers, Pod Point, has already said it won’t be joining Zap-Pay.

”Charging accessibility is critical to accelerating the UK’s transition to electric vehicles,” said Engenie chief executive Ian Johnston. “Zap-Pay, a single payment platform for multiple charging networks, complements our commitment to this by adding another convenient choice for customers using our open-access network, which already accepts simple contactless card payment.”

Zap-Map launched in 2014 and claims to be the UK’s leading mapping service for EV charging points, with over 19,000 points at 12,000 locations on its database, which it claimed to be 98% of public chargers, 70% of which are given live status updates.

The company is yet to confirm the percentage of the EV charging network that it will be able to offer Zap-pay on, or the cost of using the app versus the charge point manufacturers’ own tariff.


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